Creating and setting a new GeoServer Data DirectoryΒΆ

  1. Generally if GeoServer is running in Web Archive mode inside of a servlet container, as in this Workshop, the data directory is located at <web application root>/data (the data directory contains the GeoServer configuration data).

  2. The first thing to do is to configure correctly the geoserver_data directory. For facilities reasons, the geoserver_data is configured by default under the directory:

    ${TRAINING_ROOT}/geoserver_data or %TRAINING_ROOT%\geoserver_data on Windows

    Generally this is not an issue. But if you run the system from the Linux ISO this folder resides in the memory. The first thing to do is to move this folder into a local persistent storage.

    • Move the geoserver_data somewhere in the persistent storage using the command:

      sudo mv -f ${TRAINING_ROOT}/geoserver_data <TARGET_DIR>
    • Make a symbolic link to the geoserver_data by issuing the command:

      ln -s <TARGET_DIR> ${TRAINING_ROOT}/geoserver_data


    Check that the user geosolutions has permissions to read/write all the files/folder inside the geoserver_data.


    Instead of creating a symbolic link you can configure GeoServer in order to allow it to point to the new geoserver_data. To do that edit the file /opt/tomcat-geoserver/webapps/geoserver/WEB-INF/web.xml and modify the context param geoserver_data.