Loading GeoTiff into GeoPackageΒΆ

In this section you will use the GDAL_TRANSLATE utility to create a GeoPackage layer starting from a GeoTiff image.

gdal_translate -of GPKG <input-file>.tif <output-file>.gpkg


  1. Open the gdal shell

  2. Move to the user_data directory:

    cd ${TRAINING_ROOT}/data/user_data directory
    cd %TRAINING_ROOT%\data\user_data directory
  3. Run:

    gdal_translate -of GPKG bmreduced.tiff countries.gpkg -co APPEND_SUBDATASET=YES -co RASTER_TABLE=bmreduced -co TILE_FORMAT=JPEG
    gdaladdo -r cubic -oo TILE_FORMAT=JPEG countries.gpkg 2 4 8 16 32 64
  4. Check the GeoPackage with a GIS client (eg. QGIS):

    1. From the Browser panel right click the GeoPackage section and click “New connection...”

    2. Browse the filesystem and select the created countries.gpkg database

    3. Add the layer named bmreduced into the Map canvas: