Installing GeoServer

GeoServer is packaged as a standalone Java web application using servlet containers such as Apache Tomcat.

Download Tomcat from the link above.


The following instructions are specific for Tomcat. It may not work with other container applications.

Installation on Tomcat (skip if you installed GeoServer from the training zip file)

  1. Navigate to the GeoServer Download page. From “Archived”, choose the latest 2.18.x version of GeoServer to download.

  2. Click on Web archive the Packages section.

  3. The Download will start automatically. Copy the file geoserver.war to the directory that contains your container application’s webapps located in Tomcat folder.

  4. Your container application should unpack the web archive and automatically set up and run GeoServer.


    A restart of your container application may be necessary.


Use your container application’s method of starting and stopping webapps to run GeoServer.

  1. Access Tomcat opening a browser and navigate to http://host:{}/geoserver (in brackets the port must be indicated). For example, with Tomcat running locally on port 8083 like in this WorkShop, the URL would be http://localhost:8083/geoserver.


In case you need to remove GeoServer (but don’t do it now) you can use the following steps:

  1. Stop the container application.
  2. Remove the GeoServer webapp from the container application’s webapps directory.