What is missingΒΆ

As reported at the beginning of this chapter, the OGC-API Coverages specification is still in draft state and the current GeoServer module is still an incomplete implementation of that specification. The following resources and capabilities are missing:

  • The RangeType resource, describing the data values semantics, in other words, the bands, their data type and unit of measure.
  • Range-subset support, allowing to retrieve only a subset of the bands available.
  • Scaling support (scale-size, scale-factor and scale-axes) allowing to re-scale the output coverage.
  • JSON output for CIS 1.1 (only GeoTIFF, PNG, JPEG and GML are supported right now).
  • Support for advanced capabilities such as reprojection and resampling. These will be included in dedicated extensions. Currently the CRS extension has a minimal specification, providing a glimpse into how reprojection could work.