Complex Features with GeoServer and HALE

This training module shows how geospatial data stored in regular GeoServer data sources (Shapefiles, RDBMSs, etc...) can be mapped to complex, object-oriented information models thanks to the Application Schema GeoServer extension and HALE.

The Application Schema (App-Schema) extension provides support for Complex Features in GeoServer.

HALE is a tool for defining and evaluating conceptual schema mappings. The goal of HALE is to allow domain experts to ensure logically and semantically consistent mappings and consequently transformed geodata. In the context of this tutorial, HALE will be used to generate the required App-Schema configuration through a visual, user-friendly interface, freeing the user from the burden of writing serveral XML files by hand (an arguably error prone approach).

What you will learn

After a brief introduction, providing the essential theoretical background about features, application schemas, GML and their use in GeoServer, you will find several concrete examples that will walk you through the process of:

  1. creating a new alignment project in HALE
  2. visually defining a mapping between data stored in a PostGIS database and a complex GML application schema (such as the INSPIRE Data Specification on Land Cover and GeoSciML)
  3. finally, publishing your data as a WFS service through GeoServer.